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  66, Wylie Ave.
  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Lamb Curry $23.95
A typical Indian curry with juicy tenderloin of lamb, curried with exotic spices  
Lamb Do Piaza $24.95
Lamb cubes simmered in different spices and specially sautéed with onions and green peppers  
Lamb Korma $24.95
Juicy tenderloin of lamb cooked in rich cream sauce  
Lamb Bhuna $23.95
Lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes and red onions reduced over slow fire, flavoured with fresh garam masala  
Saag Lamb $23.95
Tenderloion of lamb simmered in herb flavoured chopped spinach  
Lamb Vidloo (Very Hot) $23.95
Boneless lamb pieces seasoned with fresh garlic, ginger, onions, fresh tomatoes and Indian spices  
Lamb Rogon Josh $23.95
Cooked in a curry sauce made of onions tomatoes ginger garlic and spices  
Lamb Madras $23.95
Cooked in a spicy hot sauce